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Marguerite: une doctorante entre deux rives méditerranéennes

You will find here the interview of Marguerite El Asmar Bou Aoun, PDI PhD student (Linus Pauling cohort):



1er colloque des jeunes physiciens-chimistes de EUCOR - Le Campus européen.Transition énergétique

L'équipe organisatrice du colloque qui a eu lieu le 6 décembre 2017 de 9h00 à 17h30 au Collège Doctoral Européen.

Merci à Filipa, Rogéria, Pablo, Flavio, Bernardo et Vishnu !




"Scientific Art* Exhibition" *Art in Micro- Nano World

On behalf of the Programme Doctoral International (PDI), and in association with StrasAIR and IRTG (Germany- France), we are pleased to announce a first of its kind conference "Scientific Art* Exhibition" *Art in Micro- Nano World- where science meets art. It's a wonderful opportunity to explore the various scientific disciplines via art and to explore the fascinating beauty of the incredibly small world.

You can participate by submitting an image, which must be in micro- or nano- scale. For example, it can be technical micro/nano surfaces, cells image from biology, medical drug particles, molecular imaging, AFM images, SEM / TEM imaging patterns or biological structures, which appear to be artistic to the person from other disciplines. All the images will be exhibited during the exhibition. 

Submit your image/ more info: http://strasair.org/art-register.php
*Limited participation only.

19/12/2017 (17.30 - 20:00) 

Exhibition Place: Interior garden of the Collège doctoral européen, 46 Boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg
Entry: FREE - A welcome aperitif will be offered during the exhibition.

Best images will be awarded.

Feel to write us, if you have any further questions.
Taras SYCH (taras.sych@etu.unistra.fr)
Charchit KUMAR (charchit.kumar@etu.unistra.fr).

Entry Days of the International Doctoral Programme 2017

The Entry Days of the new PDI cohort took place from Wednesday, October 25th to Friday, October 27th at the European Doctoral College.

The conference "Politique et religion dans les sociétés européennes : enjeu et conflit", organized by Marguerite El Asmar Bou Aoun and Alizée Légendart, members of the Linus Pauling cohort (2015), launched the Entry Days. Among others, this event gave the opportunity to the new members to exchange with PhD students from the former cohorts. The students choose the name of the 2017' cohort, "Albert Einstein".


Events organized by the International University House

The International University House (MUI) is organising lots of unmissable events for 2017 exclusively for you. With many trips and french course for post-docs planned to museums and to the Malraux media library, with many more events to be announced. Places for each activity are limited.












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