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International training

What is the doctoral training of PDI ?


  1. A series of lectures organised by the European Doctoral in collaboration with European key actors (Council of Europe, MESA - Maison de l'Europe Strasbourg - Alsace).
  2. Interdisciplinary conferences organized by PDI members
  3. Visits of European Institutions

You have to attend at least 18 hours of international training (see the part certificate).


How to participate at PDI events :

  •  2-3 weeks before upcoming events, all PDI members are informed by email (YOURNAME@etu.unistra.fr)
  • Please register via the link http://www-college-des-ecoles-doctorales.u-strasbg.fr/
  • If the event is not booked out by about one week ahead, other PhD student can then fill in the remaining seats
  • Please respect your engagement so that empty seats, which could have benefitted to others, are avoided
  • We try our best to inform of the events as soon as possible, please consult our website regularly for any changes or events that you may have missed
  • An attendance sheet has to be signed during the conference to validate this event

Any feedback on the events are most welcome, please send them to : herbach@unistra.fr











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