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Social gathering

  • lounge areas
  • balconies
  • interior garden
  • fitness room

Places for learning and culture

  • music room
  • Reading room

Other facilities

  • Broadband TNT Television in the studios (on your own personal computer)
  • lifts
  • secure bicycle parking
  • free campus-wide telephone
  • Internet (A RJ 45 cable is necessary to get internet connection)
  • Wifi connections in the open areas
  • private letter boxes
  • communal washing machines and driers

WiFi: How do I get my log-in and password?

  • You are a doctoral candidate at the University of Strasbourg.

Log on to https://ent.u-strasbg.fr to initialize your user account which will also be used to connect to Wifi throughout the university.

  • You are a student or staff member at ENGEES, INSA or IUFM

Your log in details are the same as for your mail connection. Please contact the IT officer at your place of study / work to find these out.

  • Your web mail is at the CRC

Your log in details are the same as for wifi throughout the university. To make sure your webmail is hosted at the CRC, connect to domaines de messagerie gérés par le CRC.

  • You don't belong to any of the above categories*

Please contact the IT officer in your research lab or centre and ask him/her to contact the CRC to create an account for you.

Connexion to TNT broadband television

TNT enables you to watch the following 18 national French channels (those that are not linked to a subscription) : TF1, France2, France3, Canal+ (certain programmes that are not linked to a subscription), France5, M6, Arte, Direct8, W9, TMC (Monte Carlo), NT1, NRJ, LCP Assemblée Nationale, France4, BFM TV, I-Tele, Virgin, Gulli. For more information regarding this, click here.

How do I get this on my computer?

  1. Download the required free software: vlc media player
  2. Download the file called Television.m3u, which can detect the frequencies of the various TV channels.

When the software is launched, a TNT TV channel will automatically appear on the screen. All you then need to do is make a choice of channel.

NB: your firewall might prevent access to the VLC software. In that case, make sure that protection is lifted.











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