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Conferences about Europe


We believe that as international PhD students you have an interest in the European and other international affairs. One aim of this programme is therefore to deliver a variety of information on current issues and perspectives in the European context. New knowledge from varied sources, the exchange of views and the opportunity for dialogue in various languages between international experts and doctoral researchers are at the heart of this transdisciplinary programme. The main topics are:

  • Knowledge on the functioning of the European institutions
  • European cultures and societies
  • European economy and future
  • European history and geopolitics


This programme is open to all doctoral researchers at the University of Strasbourg and in the EUCOR network.

It consists of a 1-2 hour conference in French or in English at a rhythm of about once to twice a month. It takes place either at the Doctoral College or elsewhere in Strasbourg. An evening slot is chosen (from 6.30pm) to facilitate your attendance after working hours.

Here you will find the list of the past conference.














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